Black Cat Fastpitch, LLC is Philadelphia's elite softball training facility.


Founded by certified Tincher Pitching Instructors Jenn Mineau and Leigh Elko, we pride ourselves on being experts in the biomechanics of youth softball players and teach the game using techniques scientifically-backed as appropriate for the female body.


At Black Cat Fastpitch, we believe in addressing all aspects of athletic development, beyond physical skills, and touch upon topics such as mental health, character, teamwork, emotion regulation, and academics. Our company was built on the ideas of commitment, integrity, and simply “doing the right thing” when it comes to training today's athlete.


Black Cat Fastpitch, LLC is named after Leigh and Jen's cat, Salem – who is in fact a black cat! She’s full of spunk, has an independent and strong presence, a curious personality, and makes decisions after long periods of research.

We based our company on these characteristics and qualities – both in providing instruction to youth athletes and in developing each athlete into a confident, persevering, and self-aware young woman.


We take pride in bringing youth fastpitch players a unique approach to instruction through the use of multidisciplinary tools such as resistance bands, training balls, balance tools, written worksheets, note-taking, and more.


We spend immense time tailoring our camp and clinic curriculum to suit the needs of the athletes, from Little League and Recreation camps and clinics to high-level instruction at the PGF, Gold, and A-levels.


Black Cat Coaches Jen Mineau and Leigh Elko are certified Tincher Pitching Instructors, which is the only trademarked organization in the country devoted to the scientific research and development of fastpitch pitching and female athletes. To learn more about our coaches, explore our bios.



Black Cat Fastpitch, LLC is based in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania and offers private, semi-private, and group training lessons. For location and directions, see map below.